Introducing The FinHub - be investor ready

Posted by Azure Group on 23-Jun-2015 12:15:00


Baffled by the capital raising process and investors questions around your numbers?

Wouldn’t it be great to run your own race and keep innovating?

In a highly competitive sector where your peers are pitching against you, The FinHub understands the startup eco-system and the role that investors play in funding your vision. 

Get the numbers right and be well on your way to being investor ready.

Forged by “in the trenches” experience and the best finance minds in digital, The FinHub offers practical resources combined with downloadable toolkits to anticipate the finance needs of your startup journey.

As you seek to innovate, grow and exit, investors hone in on the detail around your finances, so The FinHub does too.

The FinHub is powered by Verde Group and Azure Group, it's professional partners in business.  Build your business confidence and be investor ready.

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