Small business, big attraction: Can Small Business Banking be personal?

Posted by Azure Group on 03-Jul-2018 08:36:17


Small businesses are the lifeblood of this country. Making up 99% of businesses and employing over 50% of the workforce yet they seem to mystify the banks. Despite their strong hold on the Australian economy most banks struggle to generate strong returns and therefore don’t always have a great relationship with them.

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How to amaze a Business Banking Manager: Be a Perfect Customer

Posted by Azure Group on 25-Jun-2018 14:18:09


Ever wondered what a bank wants from a customer?  Banks may seem unreasonable at times, but the truth is, what they want is actually pretty simple! Here is our guide to be being the perfect bank customer.

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How do Banks compete with FinTech and other Lenders to keep their customers?

Posted by Azure Group on 30-May-2018 07:00:00


Once upon a time the only finance options were banks. Today, that isn’t the case, and there are a number of new financial technologies that are gaining traction in Australia. So are these new options better than traditional banking? In this article we explore the different options and help you unpack what the best choice is for you and your needs.

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