Strange but legitimate Tax Deductions


We know most accountants have a reputation for questioning and sometimes challenging your deductions. But here are a few that you didn’t think you could claim, but are actually legitimate! Just make sure you keep your receipts.

1. Food and alcohol

If you are travelling away for work and stay overnight then you can claim the cost of meals and alcohol. There isn’t even a distance that you need to be away from home, but it needs to be far enough that it is impractical for you to get home. We use a rough guide of at least 100 km from your home or office.

2. Artwork

If you are a small business entity and running out of things to buy with the instant asset write off (since the government is currently seeking to extend for the 2018/2019 financial year), then consider some artwork. Buying a nice piece of art could be a good investment and can be covered under the $20k instant asset write off. The only catch is it needs to be hanging in your office, not your home!

3. Dogs

Not for everyone, but if you have a premises that requires a guard dog then the food and vet bills can be a tax deduction.

4. Sunscreen, hats and glasses

This is only for those that are required to work outdoors. So if you are a tradie then make sure you keep the receipts for your sunscreen and those expensive sunnies as you can claim them!

5. Xbox, pool tables and ping pong tables

You need an office for this one with a communal area. But if you set up a recreational area for your staff you can claim the cost of the equipment purchased. This can include things such as Xboxes, TVs, pool tables and ping pong tables.

6. Magazines and Foxtel

If you subscribe to trade or industry magazines that are relevant to your industry these can be claimed. For those that work in media or other industries where it is necessary for them to be up to date with current events then a paid TV subscription could be claimed.

7. Garden Gnomes

If you are a property investor and you want to add some garden gnomes to your property for your tenants, then surprisingly these are actually covered.

8. Shoes

Work boots are covered for professions that require these. But there are other claimable shoes for instance flight attendants are allowed to claim for a second pair of shoes that are the same as their uniform but more comfortable.

9. Political donations

Concerned that politicians don’t have enough money? Making a donation to your favourite political party is actually a tax deduction.

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Tanya Moran
Tanya Moran

Tanya Moran is a Senior Partner and the Lead Taxation Partner of Azure Group. She has more than 20 years' experience working with a large array of businesses from small accounting firms to large international corporations.

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