New $45 million NSW Small Business Grant to cushion the economic impacts of the Southern border closure


NSW small businesses will benefit from a new $45 million grant program designed to cushion the economic impacts of the southern border closure. Eligible businesses in 13 local government areas along the NSW and Victorian border are able to apply for up to $10,000 grants  through Service NSW.

The areas along the southern border that are eligible to apply are: Albury, Balranald, Berrigan, Bega Valley, Edward River, Federation, Greater Hume, Hay, Murray River, Murrumbidgee, Snowy Monaro, Snowy Valleys and Wentworth.

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set out in the grant guidelines to qualify for a grant.

There are two tiers of this grant available:

  • The first tier of $5,000 grant for employing and non-employing small businesses with a revenue decline of 30% or more; and
  • The second tier of $10,000 grant for employing small businesses with a revenue decline of 75% or more.

The Southern Border Small Business Support Grant can only be used for eligible expenses incurred since the closure of the NSW and Victoria border on 8 July 2020  for which no other government support is available. The grant would help ease the pressures and costs of keeping businesses open by providing them with much needed cash flow, said NWS treasurer Dominic Perrottet.

Funds may be used for:

  • immediate operating expenses, such as utilities or rent

  • financial, legal or other advice to support business continuity planning

  • diversifying markets and supply chains

  • marketing and communications activities

  • digital solutions (for example, e-commerce, business websites, online sales platforms)

  • developing human capital (for example, digital skills, export training and consulting).

For more information about this grant and eligibility rules visit Service NSW. 

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