4 Questions to Ask Your Tax Accountant That Can Help Your Business Save Money

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As a business owner, we know you are always looking for ways to save money and maximise your profits. One of the best ways to do this is by working closely with an experienced tax accountant to identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability, increase revenue, and improve the financial management of your business.

In this article, we'll share four important questions to ask your tax accountant that can help your business save money and grow more efficiently.  

  1. What tax deductions are available to my business? Are there any tax planning strategies I should consider?

  2. Can you review my current accounting practices?

  3. What types of financial reports should I be reviewing regularly, and what insights can I gain from them?

  4. How can I prepare for tax season?

Question 1:
What tax deductions are available to my business? Are there any tax planning strategies I should consider?

An experienced tax accountant can help you identify eligible tax deductions, stay compliant with tax laws and regulations, and navigate potential tax issues more efficiently. By understanding what tax benefits are available to your business and how to claim them, you can save money by reducing your tax liability. With the correct tax strategy, these tax deductions also allow you to offset some of the costs you will incur throughout the year.

Many business accounting firms have a dedicated division of experienced tax accountants who specialise in helping businesses implement effective tax planning strategies. Using their knowledge of the latest tax laws and regulations, these expert tax advisors will be able to maximise your tax deductions and save you money.

Here are a few ways that your business can benefit from working with an experienced tax accountant:

  • Tax Planning
    An experienced tax accountant can help you plan your business's tax strategy, taking into account your unique business and personal circumstances and goals. By identifying potential tax deduction and saving opportunities, an expert tax accountant can help your business minimise tax liability and save money.
  • Tax Compliance
    An expert tax advisor can help you stay compliant with all relevant tax laws and regulations. By staying up-to-date on the latest tax rules and regulations, they can ensure that your business always remains compliant and help you navigate any potential issues that may arise.
  • International Tax
    If your business operates globally or has international subsidiaries, a specialised international tax accountant can provide expert guidance on international tax laws and regulations. This can help you avoid potential tax pitfalls and take advantage of tax saving opportunities that may be available in other countries.
  • Tax Advisory
    Whether a business is looking to restructure their operations, enter into new markets, or simply minimise their tax liabilities, tax advisors have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide effective guidance and support. From developing tax-efficient structures to identifying potential tax deductions and credits, utilising tax advisory services can help businesses maximise their savings and achieve their financial goals.

Question 2:
Can you review my current accounting practices?

A business accountant can review your current accounting practices and identify areas where you may be overspending or not maximising your resources, such as through inefficient processes or unnecessary expenses.

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Question 3:
What types of financial reports should I be reviewing regularly, and what insights can I gain from them?

Financial reports are a critical tool for understanding the financial health of your business and identifying opportunities for improvement. By asking your accountant about which financial reports you should be reviewing and what insights you can gain from them, you can better understand your business's financial performance and identify areas where you can make changes to improve profitability, reduce expenses, or optimise cash flow.

A business accountant can also help you interpret the data in these reports and provide recommendations for how to improve your financial performance based on the insights gleaned from them. Some examples of financial reports you might discuss with your accountant include income statements, Profit and Loss (P&L) Statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Overall, engaging a business accounting firm can be a smart investment for your business, as it can provide valuable expertise, save you time and money, ensure compliance, and provide strategic insights.

Question 4: How can I prepare for tax season?

A tax accountant can help you prepare for tax season by creating a tax plan, tracking your income and expenses throughout the year, and ensuring that you have all the necessary documentation to file your taxes accurately and on time. They can also provide guidance on tax filing deadlines and help you avoid penalties and fees for non-compliance.

A tax accountant can help you stay up-to-date with any changes in tax laws or regulations that could impact your business in the current financial year. They can advise you on how to adjust your tax planning or operations to comply with new regulations and take advantage of any new opportunities or incentives. 

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Effective communication with your Accountant should go both ways

It is important for businesses to have open and ongoing communication with their accountants to ensure that they are aligned on business goals and strategies. By working collaboratively with an accounting firm or a specialised professional accountant and asking important questions, businesses can gain a better understanding of their financial position and identify opportunities to save money and increase profitability.

It's also important to recognise that effective communication goes both ways. Accountants can provide valuable guidance and expertise to help businesses achieve their financial goals, but they need to understand the business’s unique needs and goals in order to do so effectively. By aligning business goals with an accountant’s guidance and expertise, businesses can work together to achieve greater success.

Businesses that prioritise ongoing communication and collaboration with their accountants, and ask important questions about tax planning, cash flow, financial reporting, and other relevant areas, are better positioned to achieve their financial goals and improve their bottom line.

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