Our top 5 Metrics for measuring Team's Productivity

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 29-Jan-2019 11:26:57

When you are assessing the health of your business and business practices we often look at the business stats. We look at our sales performance, profit, margins for our products and our expenses. But there is one vital measurement we should be spending much more time on and that is measuring your team’s productivity.

Staffing costs can be one of our biggest expenses as a business, so you want to make sure that you are getting value for that expenditure and that they are performing to a level that you require in order to meet your business goals.

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How Business Owners can avoid a Cashflow Crisis

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 20-Jul-2018 09:53:20

 Managing the money coming in versus the money going out and getting the timing of this to all line up can be stressful. Cashflow is critical and is one of the major factors in business success and failure.

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The challenges of Dashboard Reporting

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 04-Jul-2018 07:00:00

Dashboard reporting
is designed to make life easier. They are a one page snapshot of the real time results of a business and how it is performing against key measures. It is a clear and concise, visually appealing representation of key business drivers and risks. Sounds great right? Well there are a few limitations and issues with dashboard reporting. Here are the key issues you need to be conscious of when viewing your report. The challenges of dashboard reporting

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Dashboard Reporting: Best Tool to track your Business Performance

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 05-Jun-2018 08:39:00

Dashboard reporting
is a must have tool for managers and business owners. It collects all of the key performance indicators and the company’s important metrics in one easy to view and consume report - usually on one page.

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The Benefits of Business Dashboards

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 30-Apr-2018 13:48:48

Connecting users with critical information and data at a glance is the purpose of a business dashboard. Tom Peters wrote a book called ‘What gets measured gets done’, and the premise of this book is that when you are in search of excellence the areas that you want to achieve results needs to be measured. This focus will help you achieve results that you are measuring.

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