Here's why being a Thought Leader gives back to Entrepreneurs of the future

Posted by Michael Derin on 04-Feb-2019 09:05:03

Are you a thought leader?
It seems to be the buzz word of this decade, but what is it?
Often when we are in business we are focused on the tasks at hand, where is the next product, sale, or income stream coming from. We are so deep into our business that we don’t always stop and think about the legacy we are leaving or the wisdom that we are imparting on others.

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The language of Startups needs to Change

Posted by Michael Derin on 09-Apr-2018 13:20:07

We love Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary V as his fans know him. His book ‘Crushing it’ has certainly been an international bestseller as well as a New York Times best seller. But there is a call here in Australia for us to review the language that we are using in our start up community.

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