Loan Covenants: Client Relationships are Key

Posted by Azure Group on 07-Jun-2018 08:44:39


Business loans are unlike other private loans such as a mortgage or personal loan. They include a covenant which are terms set out by the lender. They are benchmarks or certain actions that the business must take on a regular basis to demonstrate that the business is profitable and give the bank confidence in their ability to continue to make repayments. #news

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Is Changing Banks too Disruptive for Business? Pros & Cons

Posted by Norman Howe on 17-May-2018 08:39:51


Running a small business can be a lot of hard work. That’s why we’ve pulled together some tools, insights and banking solutions for you to help your business succeed. We understand how confusing banking can sometimes be, but there are some significant benefits to shopping around. People tend to stay with the same bank due to familiarity and the sheer enormity of changing and what that might entail. This means that when our bank adds little extra fees and charges we put up with it. But how much do those extra costs really affect us?

Lets have a look at the pros and cons of changing banks....

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