Strategies for improving Business Performance in 2019

Posted by Michael Derin on 07-Jan-2019 07:00:00

By now you’ve probably settled back in to the working week, feeling recharged from the Christmas break. Your team is well rested and motivated to get stuck into all that 2019 has install. With your optimistic outlook and the positive energy surrounding your business it makes 

January is the perfect month to reflect on the past twelve months and revise your strategies for the year ahead.

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What keeps SME owners awake at night?

Posted by Azure Group on 21-May-2018 07:00:00


For SME owners this would be no surprise, but recent research identified cashflow and time management as the biggest pain points for SME’s. The research conducted by East & Partners on behalf of ASX listed working capital lender Scottish Pacific is part of their bi-annual SME Growth Index. They sought the views of 1,200 SMEs with turnovers ranging from $1 million to $20 million.

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Is Changing Banks too Disruptive for Business? Pros & Cons

Posted by Norman Howe on 17-May-2018 08:39:51


Running a small business can be a lot of hard work. That’s why we’ve pulled together some tools, insights and banking solutions for you to help your business succeed. We understand how confusing banking can sometimes be, but there are some significant benefits to shopping around. People tend to stay with the same bank due to familiarity and the sheer enormity of changing and what that might entail. This means that when our bank adds little extra fees and charges we put up with it. But how much do those extra costs really affect us?

Lets have a look at the pros and cons of changing banks....

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How to turn your Bank Manager into a raving fan

Posted by Azure Group on 14-May-2018 07:00:00


With most of our banking online now we often forget that there are still people in a bank! There are still bank managers and relationship managers and they are critical to your financial success when it comes to your banking and finance needs. While computers do much of our assessments and banking, there is still a human element and having the right relationship with key banking people can make all the difference.

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Smarter Tax Planning: Five Tax Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted by Tanya Moran on 24-Apr-2018 11:05:17

It’s almost that time of the year again! For small businesses there may be a sense of dread or trepidation with tax time looming. Nearly all purchases that help in generating income are tax deductible. So here are our 5 top tax tips for small businesses:

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Which Accounting Software Is Best For You?

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 29-May-2017 10:00:00

Accounting software has come a long way in the last few years. With the transition to cloud based softwares they are now better than ever. By having your accounting information based in the cloud your information is protected and offsite. It also means that your staff can access if remotely, as can off site accountants and bookkeepers which can streamline your processes and make your reporting more cost effective.
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Azure Group's coverage of the 2017-18 Federal Budget

Posted by Michael Derin on 10-May-2017 08:04:01

After 5 weeks of speculation and commentary the wait and the suspense is over.

Last night Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down his much anticipated budget, and there weren’t too many surprises! But Mr Morrison does appear to have a strong focus on small business, saying “Small business owners are out there fighting for growth in their businesses every day. They deserve our respect and support.” But did his budget deliver on this?

So the big question is, has he delivered respect and support to small businesses? Let's find out?

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2017 Budget Roundup: Pre Announcement Edition

Posted by Michael Derin on 05-May-2017 15:24:36


Working capital and cashflow are the biggest challenge faced by small businesses trying to manage and scale their business. In a recent poll on the My Business website almost one third cited capital as the biggest impediment to growth. Yet we need small businesses to grow in order to grow job opportunities and output for the benefit of the economy. 

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How to avoid stress at Tax Time!

Posted by Tanya Moran on 24-Apr-2017 10:00:00


Does the mention of June 30 instantly make you feel stressed? Do you dread the end of the tax year because you know that it will cause you a mountain of work? With the right tax planning, it doesn’t have to be that way! 

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2017 Budget Roundup: Edition Three

Posted by Michael Derin on 21-Apr-2017 14:50:43


Business and budget news has been overshadowed this week by the Government’s controversial announcement that they will be cracking down on immigration laws in Australia. But it was the announcement of the removal of 457 visas that has sent the business world into a spin. 

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