Tech Tools that make doing International Business easy

Posted by Michael Derin on 04-Dec-2018 07:48:59

Doing business internationally has never been easier. Technology has not only solved many problems, but it has made it so cheap that companies of any size can be competing on the international market.

Here are some tech tools that will make your life easier when doing international business:

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Is Artificial Intelligence a must have for Small Business?

Posted by Azure Group on 07-Nov-2018 11:23:41

Artificial intelligence ("AI") has been around for a while. In fact for the last 30 years it has fuelled most science fiction novels and movies. But it is now becoming more approachable for every day people and many people whether they realise it or not are using it already in their home and office. The rapid growth of ‘smart home’ devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa demonstrates the consumers appetite for such products. So where does this leave small business?

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How to Grow your Business in your Industry when you are New?

Posted by Michael Derin on 22-Oct-2018 07:45:27

You have just started in a new business and you want to make your mark, stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression in your industry and with clients. Here are 5 things you can do straight away to set yourself apart:

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Virtual Reality is one of the high-growth industries for entrepreneurs in 2018

Posted by Azure Group on 09-Oct-2018 08:42:53

In a few years it will be hard to find a business or person that isn’t touched by Virtual Reality ("VR"). In fact, if you are using Siri on your phone or have Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa then you already have virtual reality in your life.

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Issues that commonly occur in Tech Startups

Posted by Michael Derin on 20-Sep-2018 12:36:36

Startups are difficult at the best of times, but there are some issues that are unique to the world of tech startups. We have broken these into two sections,
financial viability and strategic advice.

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How to choose the right Accountant for your Startup?

Posted by Azure Group on 20-Aug-2018 08:42:08

Your relationship with your accountant should be a long term, trusting relationship. They should have a good understanding of you and your business in order to assist and advise you in the best possible ways. Not all accountants are the same, and it is therefore important that you choose an accountant that is right for you and your startup. Here are our tips on things to consider when choosing an accountant.

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Don't let your Startup fail: 7 Financial habits of a Healthy Startup

Posted by Michael Derin on 09-Jul-2018 10:37:30

Finances are always an issue with startups. In fact, good habits can often mean the difference between a start up that thrives and one that fails. So how do you give your start up the best chance at survival? Here are our top 7 tips for creating strong financial habits:

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Business Accounting: 7 steps to get your Startup on track

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 14-Jun-2018 13:00:00


Starting a new business can be overwhelming, there is so much to do and not all of it is within your skill set or interests. We find many new business owners struggle with getting a system in place for their accounting and this can cause big headaches down the track. So we have put together a list of areas that you need to put in place early to ensure that your finances run smoothly. #startup #startupadvisor

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The language of Startups needs to Change

Posted by Michael Derin on 09-Apr-2018 13:20:07

We love Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary V as his fans know him. His book ‘Crushing it’ has certainly been an international bestseller as well as a New York Times best seller. But there is a call here in Australia for us to review the language that we are using in our start up community.

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Is my startup eligible for the R&D Grant?

Posted by Michael Derin on 29-Mar-2018 13:27:48

The R&D Tax Incentive is a government initiative that focuses on providing a tax offset for some of the company’s costs associated with research and development activity.

While there is legislation that determines eligibility it is self assessed. What does that mean?

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