10 Reasons why WooBoard is great for accounting firms

We introduced WooBoard to Azure Group earlier this year as we were really impressed with the value proposition of platform. We are always looking for ways to encourage a positive working environment, and peer recognition seemed like an effective way to build on this. After some initial training by the WooBoard team we haven’t looked back! WooBoard has become a permanent part of our daily life at Azure Group and has made a positive impact across the firm….and here’s why:

  1. WooBoard keeps you updated on what everyone in the office is working on through the ‘Update’ feature. This is particularly great for those that don’t work on the same team or in the same division. 
  2. It also recognises the achievements (whether big or small) of all team members.
  3. It creates a fun and social feel around achievements that are otherwise quite technical and isolated, particularly in an accounting firm.
  4. It keeps us updated on achievements being made on behalf of our clients, which shows the team how their work is directly impacting the SME market and improving Australian businesses.
  5. Scrolling the Woo feed can be a great way to take a ‘mental breather’ from the work at hand and reignite motivation.
  6. It is a way to track personal achievements that can be raised during review time with HR, sometimes you forget the little things along the way but WooBoard can be used as an effective reporting tool in this space.
  7. It a great way for new starters to see the kind of work the team has been engaged in and to sift through the history of achievements.
  8. It is a powerful tool for the senior management and Partners to gage how the team is interacting and to also get exposure to the smaller achievements that they otherwise wouldn’t be privy to.
  9. We have offices in Sydney, the Gold coast and Shanghai and we find WooBoard is an effective tool in removing the barriers of distance and staying up to speed on what the teams in the various offices are achieving.
  10. WooBoard is simply a fun way for our firm to realise the importance of the work we are doing on a daily basis and how it is helping us achieve our individual, firm and client goals.

To learn more about WooBoard visit their website www.wooboard.com

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