Should I move my business to the Cloud?


Cloud software is the new black. Everyone is doing it, so should you? Here are our top 8 benefits for moving your business software to the cloud.

1. Collaboration

Working with others, whether it is a Freelancer in another country, a partner or a client it is easier when documents are on the cloud. Everyone can access the latest versions and can collaborate as if you were in the same room. This opens up collaborating with others and allows you to have remote workers, and remote clients.

2. Reduce Hardware costs

If you no longer require staff to be in a physical location then you don’t need as much hardware. You don’t even need a phone handset, even this can be located on the cloud with a VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone that can be accessed all through a computer.

3. Cloud Finances

Using a cloud accounting software can mean that you have real time results, stats and reporting at your fingertips no matter where you are. Why not log into your accounting software from your phone and see what invoices have been paid or are outstanding!

4. Data protection & recovery

If you have all of your important client files in an office, on a computer and then something happens to that computer then you are in trouble. With cloud based data you can access it from any internet device. This means that disaster recovery and management is more secure and effective.

Cloud services are housed in remote servers that have the best security systems available. They are always being updated with security updates. This makes them safer than your computer.

5. Remote access

Work anywhere, anytime. Work from home, while you are on holidays or when you travel for work. You can access important documents, client information, accounting and customer systems all at your fingertips. This can increase the productivity of your workforce as it means that they can work from home if needed.

6. Scalable

You can add and remove employees and their access at the click of a button. Now to hire a new employee or contractor you just need to organise their access you don’t need to purchase as much hardware for them.

7. Always up to date

When you purchase software that you install on your computer you need to ensure that you always have the latest version. This might include doing an update from the internet or purchasing a more up to date version. A perfect example of this is sat navigation systems where every couple of years you needed to purchase the latest maps as roads have changed. However, with cloud based maps such as Google maps you always have the most up to date versions.

8. Life is easier

Using the cloud for your business will make your life easier. We all need that!

If you are thinking of introducing accounting technology into your business, speak to our team who can help you make the right cloud based decisions to suit your business.

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Kelly Morgan
Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan has over 32 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and is the Managing Partner of Azure Group heading up the Business Accounting, Technology & International divisions. Kelly is passionate about working with business owners. By working closely with her clients, Kelly helps them to maximise the opportunities in their business and assist them to achieve their goals.

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