October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: Top 3 Things to Protect your Business online


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and an annual reminder for all Australian businesses and individuals to stay secure online. The first steps to online protection are turning on automatic software updates, regularly backing up your devices, switching on multi-factor authentication, using passphrases, securing mobile devices, and watching out for cyber scams.

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Here are top 3 things you should know about protecting your business online:

#1 Update your devices to protect important information 

Cybercriminals, malicious programs and computer viruses are always looking for ways to infiltrate your devices. Having outdated software creates vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, making it much easier for criminals to exploit this and gain access to confidential information.

By vigilantly updating software, you are removing the likelihood of there being security flaws, as developers are constantly addressing security concerns and improving the functionality of operating systems, programs and applications. 

The majority of devices that that you utilise will provide the setting option to "automatically update" your software. By ensuring that you have agreed to this, you can rest assured that all of your devices are equipped with the latest version of the software, keeping the uninvited cyber scammers and viruses away. 

#2 Protect your account with multi-factor authentication 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)  is one of the most effective ways to protect against unauthorised access to your valuable information and accounts. It requires two or more proofs of identity to grant you access. 

Typically, MFA will require the user to reference personal information that is unique to the individual, such as a security question or pin. Additional common forms of MFA include the confirmation of something that the users owns such as a card or token, or a fingerprint or alternative biometric. There are a myriad of ways that MFA is used to prove ones identity, with facilitators such as authenticator apps, email and SMS being some of the most common external resources used.

Where possible, businesses should implement MFA, as this will significantly reduce the risk of cyber security breaches. 

#3 Back up your data regularly to the cloud or the external hard drive 

Important data can be lost instantly, so back it up regularly before it’s too late. There are several resources available to restore your data. Many businesses choose to back up important information on the cloud, which is a remote server that allows access to stored data instantly, from any location. The cloud is essentially like storing your information on the internet.

Alternatively, you can use a physical device such as a hard drive, however this option creates the risk of misplacing valuable information. 

Here are 5 quick tips to back up your data:

  • Tip 1: Back up your files regularly 
  • Tip 2: Use automatic backups
  • Tip 3: Check up that your backups actually work
  • Tip 4: Secure your backups
  • Tip 5: Decide how and what to backup

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For more information, or to access practical guides on how to update your software, utilise MFA and regularly back-up data click the button below:

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