2019 Budget Update

Posted by Azure Group on 03-Apr-2019 11:31:39

With an election looming in the coming weeks the 2019 budget is up in the air. The Coalition have certainly pulled out all stops in offering a number of incentives but if they don’t win the election you aren’t going to see any of what has been promised. So will this budget help the Liberal Party get over the line or is it little too late?

Here is how the budget is going to affect you.

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Budget ways to scale your Business as a Startup

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 14-Feb-2019 10:43:23

Starting a business can be a roller coaster of emotions. But there comes a day when the dust has settled where you have to start generating new business, but how do you grow your business when you haven’t got much revenue to work with?

Here are our top tips for scaling your startup when you need to stick to a tight budget.

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5 Simple New Years Resolutions to get your finances in shape

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 19-Dec-2018 07:46:55

It’s that time of year again. We know everyone is thinking about Christmas shopping and parties, but don’t forget it is almost the New Year. What better way to start the new year than with a few New Years Resolutions, particularly some financial ones!

Here are our top 5 new years resolutions to have you start the new year without a financial hangover.

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Is your business profitable?

Posted by Kelly Morgan on 27-Feb-2018 09:31:45

Running a small business can often feel like a mouse on a wheel. Lots of activity, lots of money in and then lots of money out. So, how do you know if your business is actually profitable?

Here we take a look at how to give your business a bit of a financial health check and determine just how profitable your business is. There are several indicators which you need to review.

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Does your Budget Have KPI'S?

Posted by Michael Derin on 07-Jul-2017 16:21:47


It is that time again. Another financial year over, and a new one just begun. This is the time that many businesses set a budget for the coming financial year. But there is a key ingredient that should be used in all budgets in order for it to have the greatest chances of success and that is to have it supported by Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.

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Azure Group's coverage of the 2017-18 Federal Budget

Posted by Michael Derin on 10-May-2017 08:04:01

After 5 weeks of speculation and commentary the wait and the suspense is over.

Last night Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down his much anticipated budget, and there weren’t too many surprises! But Mr Morrison does appear to have a strong focus on small business, saying “Small business owners are out there fighting for growth in their businesses every day. They deserve our respect and support.” But did his budget deliver on this?

So the big question is, has he delivered respect and support to small businesses? Let's find out?

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2017 Budget Roundup: Pre Announcement Edition

Posted by Michael Derin on 05-May-2017 15:24:36


Working capital and cashflow are the biggest challenge faced by small businesses trying to manage and scale their business. In a recent poll on the My Business website almost one third cited capital as the biggest impediment to growth. Yet we need small businesses to grow in order to grow job opportunities and output for the benefit of the economy. 

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2017 Budget Roundup: Edition Four

Posted by Michael Derin on 28-Apr-2017 12:00:40


With another budget deficit looming there is a an increased pressure on the government to finally crack down on multinational companies. While the 2016 budget addressed the issues of tax avoidance by multinationals and implemented some policies to tighten regulations, is more still needed?

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2017 Budget Roundup: Edition Three

Posted by Michael Derin on 21-Apr-2017 14:50:43


Business and budget news has been overshadowed this week by the Government’s controversial announcement that they will be cracking down on immigration laws in Australia. But it was the announcement of the removal of 457 visas that has sent the business world into a spin. 

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2017 Budget Roundup: Edition Two

Posted by Michael Derin on 13-Apr-2017 15:22:08


With only four weeks till the budget will be announced, speculation is growing over what it will include, and just how big that deficit will be.

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2017 Budget Roundup: Edition One

Posted by Michael Derin on 07-Apr-2017 12:36:58

There is a strong focus on small business and what the impacts and benefits will be for those in small business, including the definition of what a small business is! 

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Super battle continues - Treasurer in denial about retrospective changes

Posted by Norman Howe on 19-May-2016 14:55:19

Public backlash following the proposed super changes has both sides of politics seemingly ducking for cover over their respective changes to super. 

Each side is focusing on the taxing aspect when the real issue is about the retrospective nature of the proposed changes and how this impacts on the current contributions cap.

Doesn’t seem fair if you are in your 50’s and planned to maximise salary sacrifice super savings over the next 10 years.

Some argue the proposed super changes by government and Labor are a poor choice, so “let’s compare the pair” and if any of this really is retrospective.

Labor's policy: Plans to intorduce tax on super pension earnings above $75,000.  Mind you this is on balances accumulated in the past under existing rules, this is also retrospective. 

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